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YTS York Tree Surgeon & Specialists provides regular trimming and pruning of the trees around your commercial or residential property ensure that they will remain healthy for years. Which is why we are here to help maintain their health for you. Here at YTS York Tree Surgeon & Specialists, our tree services imply that your tree health and longevity will depend on your willingness to invest in regular trimming, as well as pruning.  Contact us for a tree pruning in york.

Looking for tree pruning In York? Our tree services extend throughout York (including Middlethorpe, Fulford, Heslington, Dunnington, Stockton On The Forest, Huntington, Earswick, Rawcliffe, Hessay, Rufforth, Angram & Bilbrough) for both local homes, and businesses.

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Tree Pruning & Tree Reduction

YTS York Tree Surgeon & Specialists has a team of certified tree experts who are fully equipped with the necessary tools for trimming and pruning that will perform the service on your behalf. You no longer need to risk damaging yourself or the tree, as our team will always provide the best tree services in York.

We are committed to tree maintenance activities, as well as recognized arborists, we provide numerous services to our esteemed clients. Homeowners that opt for our services are fully guaranteed quality that is not only effective but also environment friendly. Please give us a call anytime at 01904 935176.

As part of tree maintenance, we prune, trim, and improve the health of your trees, rather than completely cutting them down. In cases whereby removing them is the only option left, we give homeowners an opportunity for replacements to maintain the green environment and beauty. 


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Tree Crowning

Our team of highly trained and professional tree experts take great pride in providing the best tree pruning in York.

If you have large mature trees in your garden you may find that they cast a shadow on your house or adjacent rooms causing shade. A crown lift will help bring more light in and give a better definition to the tree whilst still keeping the benefits the tree brings. A crown lift can be done on most types of tree. By removing the lower branches you may be amazed at what a difference it makes inside the house and also to improve the shape of the tree.

When working with the YTS York Tree Surgeon & Specialists team, our highly skilled arborists, who apply the right tools and technology availalbe, such as the use of a crane in removing a branch, pruning, and trimming irrespective of the tree’s height. We usually undertake this practice of branch removal to contain the spread of diseases, especially from the insect-infested branches. In the long run, the appearance of your garden will be enhanced.

Tree Reduction

As a homeowner, you’ll will enjoy several benefits of having all your trees properly trimmed and pruned. There are many reasons for why a tree should be trimmed on a regular basis, so our arborist has decided to provide a strong breakdown to demonstrate the value and benefits of having well maintained tree trimming.

A tree’s health and longevity for tree trimming allow them to grow stronger and healthier with high survival chances. Besides, pruning the unhealthy parts that are diseased and insect-infested tree, will enhance the growth of them for later. Tree trimming also has its aesthetic benefits as well, as it will enhance your landscape beauty as the densely packed branches are removed to clear the obstruction and regain the natural look of your trees.

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