Tree Removal

YTS York Tree Surgeon & Specialists has the best team of arborist and tree experts committed to the safety and health of your trees, landscape, and property. Straining when possible to revitalize trees; however, if they are too damaged to fortify, we offer tree removal services instead. Using our ultra-modern equipment and uphold the industry’s best practices to remove your trees safely and effectively. Our team of certified, licensed, and insured arborists are always eager to take on more tree removal jobs, contact us for a tree surgeon in York?

Looking for tree removal In York? Our tree services extend throughout York (including Middlethorpe, Fulford, Heslington, Dunnington, Stockton On The Forest, Huntington, Earswick, Rawcliffe, Hessay, Rufforth, Angram & Bilbrough) for both local homes, and businesses.

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Tree Removal & Felling

As mentioned earlier, our arborist will always offer you the best tree services and tree removal while safeguarding and improving your environment. Our company has a good reputation from its high standard of expertise in handling the client’s wants and needs. When a tree is removed, stump removal will then be needed afterwards to ensure that the entire tree is completely gone. If the tree stump is left remained, there is a good chance that the tree can grow back over time.


Tree Removal

Tree & Landscape Services

YTS York Tree Surgeon & Specialists are committed and passionate about upholding the health, development, and growth of your trees. However, if a tree reaches a point where it does add value, it needs to be cut down. YTS York Tree Surgeon & Specialists have a variety of arborists who are well conversant with the usage of high-tech machines for cutting trees. Tree removal is quite the dangerous task, so we always recommend working with a professional like ourselves to ensure that the job is done right. We always make sure that the tree felling process is done efficiently and to high standards.

Tree Cutting Service

Although the tree removal and tree felling process is a bit complex, our team of tree experts at YTS York Tree Surgeon & Specialists would also like to quickly educate you on how a correct tree cutting process is actually handled. If you ever need such a service, please do get in touch with us as soon as you can. Too many times have we seen homeowners try this themselves, and far too many times we come to the rescue. To ensure the safety of your property and surrounding properties, our tree cutting team will provide the best support to correctly remove a tree.

Tree Removal Process

Step 1
The first step in this process is planning. Our team of certified arborists and tree experts will always make a solid plan before cutting any tree. This helps in choosing the right equipment with consideration to the size of the tree. Additionally, this planning helps the tree professionals finish the task in a short time, rather than post-felling work is simplified.
Step 2

The next step is thinking where the tree may end up falling, or in other words, the direction in which the tree felling will take place. By applying the necessary skills and using the plumb line, the staff from Tree Services evaluate on the fallen direction.

Our tree experts suggest an alternative direction that you will find more secure, if the direction provided by nature is likely to affect your property or home. Next we have tree pruning, which after clearing the fallen area and putting in place relevant warning signs, would be to property trim and prune the tree. We employ the use of pulling chain from the top, in order to get rid of branches and twigs that might distract the actual cutting.

Step 3

The tree surgeons all have their own tree cutting techniques, but they also have many years of experience in the tree industry. They can wisely choose if the best tree cutting technique needed to use on the project; depending on tree size and landscape. Next, we take a closer look at the tree’s overall health. Swollen trunk or soft and discolored timber may indicate the presence of disease; therefore, more safety measures need to be employed. Our company takes care of this by using a winch and other safety measures to ensure no accidents happen. This is why our arborists provide the best tree health care.

Step 4

The last thing we do to properly execute the tree removal process is the type of tools we use to handle the work. We always take into consideration the size of the tree, and we choose the best forestry equipment that matches each size. This entire process may complete the project in the shortest time, however we may decide to take a bit of extra time to make sure all safety is cleared and maintained. Reach out to us directly if you’re ever in need of tree removal, felling, or cutting, as every customer of ours has been very happy and recommends our services to all. Our reputation continues to grow and we do it effectively at an affordable cost.

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