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YTS York Tree Surgeon & Specialists has the best team of arborist and tree experts committed to the safety and health of your trees, landscape, and property. Straining when possible to revitalize trees; however, if they are too damaged to fortify, we offer tree removal services instead. Using our ultra-modern equipment and uphold the industry’s best practices to remove your trees safely and effectively. Our team of certified, licensed, and insured arborists are always eager to take on more tree stump removal jobs. 

Looking for tree stump removal In York? Our tree services extend throughout York (including Middlethorpe, Fulford, Heslington, Dunnington, Stockton On The Forest, Huntington, Earswick, Rawcliffe, Hessay, Rufforth, Angram & Bilbrough) for both local homes, and businesses.

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Tree Stump Removal & Grinding

As mentioned earlier, our arborist will always offer you the best tree services and tree removal while safeguarding and improving your environment. Our company has a good reputation from its high standard of expertise in handling the client’s plant life, so don’t get disturbed when your trees fall due to shallow root or stormy weather. When a tree is removed, stump removal will then be needed afterwards to ensure that the entire tree is completely gone. If the tree stump is left remained, there is a good chance that the tree can grow back over time.


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YTS York Tree Surgeon & Specialists are committed and passionate about upholding the health, development, and growth of your trees. However, if a tree reaches a point where it does not add to the magnificent display to your yard, it needs to be cut down. Our tree business has a variety of arborists who are well conversant with the usage of high-tech machines for cutting trees. 

Tree Stump Grinding Service

Although the tree removal and tree felling process is a bit complex, our team of tree experts at YTS York Tree Surgeon & Specialists would also like to formally educate you on how the tree cutting process is actually handled. If you’re ever in need of such a service, please do get in touch with us as soon as you can. Too many times have we seen homeowners try this themselves, and far too many times have we come to clean up the mess that was left over. In a bid to ensure the safety of your property, our tree cutting team will give you the best support in using procedures to make the tree cutting process done correctly.

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